"The help I get from the fund is absolutely essential to me."

Following a separation with her partner, Sue faced difficulties while dealing with a range of health conditions and unforeseen living costs.

"The help has been tantamount in enabling me to run my little car - I live in the country and would be almost housebound without it."

With the support of the DPF, she is able to spend most of her time crafting, knitting, card making, tending to her garden and less time worrying about the financial sting of end of month bills.

"I am now fully retired and in the past 10 years have had three operations on my feet; two operations on my eyes, as well as a collapsed cervical vertebrae and painful back and leg problems. I am managing well despite these - all physical problems are dance related of course!"

Sue Carlton-Jones is based in South Wales and has previously been a dancer with the Royal Ballet Company and the Ballet Mistress of the Scottish Ballet, working with Peter Darrell.

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