Dance Professionals Fund provides financial support for professional dancers, dance teachers, choreographers and choreologists in time of need.

Examples of this might be:

  • Crisis funding e.g. when facing homelessness
  • Cost of living e.g. payment of bills and essential household items
  • Medical costs e.g. physiotherapy, counselling

To be eligible for funding you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have three years of professional dance performance, teaching or choreography in the UK
  • Be a practising, former or retired dance professional; or in certain circumstances, be a dependent of a dance professional
  • Be in receipt of all the state benefits you are entitled to at the time of applying
  • Have individual savings of less than £6,000 if of working age, or £16,000 if retired
  • Have no other significant means of support e.g. from a partner or from capital assets.

We regret we are unable to fund the following individuals:

  • Students who have yet to commence their career in dance
  • Those requiring funding for creating artistic work, e.g. rehearsal or production costs
  • Those working in therapeutic arts (e.g. dance therapy) or movement teachers in schools.

If you do not fulfill our criteria, there may be other charities than can help you.