Victoria & Andy Lane

Ballroom dancers

Victoria & Andy Lane

Andy & Victoria of Lane’s Dance Academy are both professional ballroom dancers and have spent 14 years touring & cruising worldwide with their profession.
Here’s their story in their own words:

“In late 2019 we were involved in a pretty big car crash through no fault of our own. Although the injuries were not life threatening we were left with some pretty nasty bodily injuries.

The biggest worry for us was that they way we make a living is through dancing and there was absolutely no way that we would be able to do that for good few months. We wouldn’t even be fit to teach.

This is where Dance Professionals Fund stepped in and helped us with basic things like our bills and mortgage whilst we rested and had physio. This meant we could focus on recovery rather than the stress of being injured and unable to work, as two self-employed dancers in the same household.

As we all know being self employed is hard enough, always looking for that next gig; being so badly injured that we physically couldn’t even look for a temporary job would have been such a worry for us.

We would certainly recommend & commend Dance Professionals Fund- it’s so nice that there are people out there that you can turn to.

We can’t thank them enough.”

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