Maureen Coleman

Former dancer and dance teacher

Maureen Coleman

Earlier this year we were delighted to be able to assist former dance teacher Maureen Coleman to purchase a stair lift for her home.

Maureen began dance school aged four, and classical ballet school at age ten. At fifteen, she went on to become a student at the Pitt-Draffen Academy, where she danced in Sunshine competitions and various shows at Northampton Town Hall. She was in Pantomime there and met many stars. She went to the Mayfair Ballet School in London and tap at Janet Cram and Tom Parry.

Maureen had a school in Bedford for ten years and one at Hopton, Norfolk for nine years but stopped teaching at sixty seven, owing to ill-health.

“After a time I found I could no longer walk to the shops and bought a mobility scooter and a wheelchair. After weeks toiling with the stairs, my doctor advised a stairlift.

I had a grant [from Great Yarmouth Borough Council] and with your kind help with the remainder, I had my lift installed.”

“My stairlift saved me having lots of pain in my legs. I very much appreciate your help, thank you again. You are doing a wonderful job.”

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