Katy Lowenhoff

Former dancer

Katy Lowenhoff

Katy Lowenhoff enjoyed a fantastic career as a professional dancer, training at the Arts Educational School, Tring from 2001-2005, whilst performing with the National Youth Ballet.

She went on to dance extensively with Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, including in a lead role as Kim in ‘Edward Scissorhands’, and as part of the original cast of ‘Drunk’ by The McOnie Company.

In 2016, Katy successfully applied to attend the London School of Osteopathy and prepared to embark on the course for a challenging new career. The fund was able to support Katy with rent costs.

“DPF have really supported me through my transition and now my eyes are open to a world of new and exciting possibilities. In this first year of study, I have also recently qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist. I feel empowered by recognising my transferable skills and am loving learning a lot of new knowledge.”

“I am really enjoying the course and am glad I have had the opportunity to fully immerse myself in my studies. Thank you DPF.”

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