Godiva Marshall

Dancer, teacher and choreographer

Godiva Marshall

Godiva is a dancer, teacher and choreographer who, with the help of our fund working with the DCD, was able to focus more on her studies, whilst balancing the busy life of a single parent by receiving support with travel costs.

Godiva has performed nationally and intenationally in dance companies including Phoenix Dance Theatre. With the help of our fund working with the DCD, Godiva was able to train initially start her training at The Actors Temple, studying Meisner based acting and then later at Identity School of acting whilst balancing the busy life of a single parent by receiving financial support.

Godiva initially trained as a professional dancer at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary dance, followed by a Masters in Dance Teaching at Royal Academy of Dance affiliated with Surrey University. Godiva has always been very driven and also obtained a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Design at Kingston University, whilst working on the Lion King production at Lyceum theatre in which she appeared from 1999 to 2004 as an original cast member.

Since retraining as an actor, Godiva worked on theatre projects such as ‘Bloodlines’, a play raising awareness of Female Genital Mutilation written by Sarah Chew in association with Barnados FGM Centre, Netflix series ‘ The Duchess’ written by comedian Katherine Ryan and most recently The Outlaws, on Amazon Prime and BBC iPlayer created by Elgin James and Stephen Merchant, and directed by Alicia MacDonald and John Butler.

Godiva continues to work in film and theatre, is a member of Spotlight and Equity, and has still teaches dance theory and practice at places such as Emildale Academy as a dissertation Supervisor and Morley College as a Ballet Tutor. Godiva is very passionate about the craft of acting and continues her acting studies alongside professional acting projects. She has some exciting projects ahead, so look out for her!

“DPF helped me greatly in my pursuit to train and establish myself as a working professional actress. Thank you so much for all your help and advice.”

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