Ella Mesma


Ella Mesma

Choreographer Ella Mesma received a grant from our fund to study Rolfing- a form of bodywork. 

“It has been an absolute JOY to study Rolfing, and I am so delighted to have been awarded a grant.
For a while now, I have been considering what I will do as I start to wind down performing, and every time, I have thought it would be wonderful if it could be body work: specifically Rolfing: a technique created by Ida Rolf from Munich.

The course has been absolutely amazing: I have learnt so much about the body, in both embodied, practical and cerebral ways… I actually feel it has helped my abilities as a dancer and even just how I hold myself habitually.

I have started practicing what I have learnt in the touch modules on friends and family and I am so excited to begin treatments as soon as I get my certificate.”

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