How long do I have to have been a dance professional?

We ask for three years as a dance professional to support your application. It can be a combination of working in this country and overseas, but you do need to have worked for the equivalent of three years (36 months) in the UK.

How much can I apply for?

There is no set amount (apart from the maintenance bursary scheme). Each case is assessed on the applicants' individual needs.
Most grants fall between the threshold of £500-£3,000.

Can I apply if I have been a yoga teacher?

We fund dancers who have worked in recognised dance styles, such as ballet and tap. As yoga is a form of exercise (like Pilates) we do not consider this to fall under these dance styles.

I teach dance some days a week, how will you assess this?

If the teaching is regular then we would accept this – we would consider three days a week as being in regular employment.

I am retired – how will you assess my dance career?

It doesn’t matter if you gave up working in dance some years ago, but we would need evidence of this. This would normally be your dance CV. For dance teachers, we would need evidence if for instance you ran your own dance school.

I am retraining, can you pay my course fees?

We cannot pay course fees. We work closely with other charities, particularly the Dancers Career Development and Equity Charitable Trust, who do pay course fees. We can help you with a retraining bursary for costs such as travel and childcare whilst you are studying.

How will I get paid the grant?

If you are awarded a grant towards your living costs this will be paid into your bank account usually in one or more payments.

If you have requested help with something like equipment or a course of physiotherapy, then we will pay the third party on your behalf.

Who assesses my grant?

Grants are assessed by a Committee who meet in person every few months. The Committee is made up from some of the Trustees.

Will the Committee know who I am?

Your personal information is taken off the application so they will not know your identity.

How long does it take to hear if my application has been successful?

Grants are assessed every three months, so depending on when you apply it could be anytime up to then. However, if your situation is urgent you can apply for a crisis grant, which will be assessed within one week of receiving your completed application form.

Can I apply on behalf of someone else?

You cannot apply for funding for another person without their knowledge and consent. If you apply on behalf of someone else, they must sign and date the declaration form.

Can I reapply?

When you approach us for the first time, we will try and help you resolve your situation, wither with a grant or series of grants. You can reapply to us if you need to at a later stage, if necessary.

Do you help fund dance projects?

Our support is restricted to helping individuals in need. Therefore, we are not able to fund either the production of touring of dance work.

I am student, or parent of a student, can I apply for funding?

Unfortunately we are unable to support students. If you are looking for help with initial training then an organisation like CDET will be able to give you more advice.

How can I donate?

You can donate in a number of ways via our website.