We are committed to embedding EDI across the organisation.

Dance Professionals Fund appreciates that those working in dance come from many different backgrounds. We believe that a career in dance should be accessible to all those who have made a commitment to training and working professionally. We are committed to making sure our application processes, working culture and communications reflect the diversity of the dance industry.

How we’ve created an inclusive organisational culture so far:

  • monitoring our application take-up, identifying any key trends (barriers to applying)
  • researching how to reach potential eligible applicants who are currently underrepresented
  • working alongside other organisations that specialise in specific areas of EDI.
  • our diverse board is responsive to the evolving landscape of dance
  • a commitment to a recruitment process that hires from a diverse talent pool
  • we represent diverse groups of people in our marketing and website imagery
  • consistent use of image descriptions in our social media content and on our website

Other activities we are involved in:

  • We are adhering to the principles in the Charity Governance Code, Section 6.
  • DPF Executive Director Clemmie is a founding member of the Association of Charitable Organisations’ EDI group
  • Responding to industry survey on EDI (ACO’s Equality, Diversity & Inclusion survey results.)
  • We are looking into ways to make the DPF website more accessible, for example, installing an accessibility widget.
  • Securing and developing new partnerships with organisations that specialise in EDI.

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