Leaving a legacy for dancers

Marian Mulady is a regular supporter of Dance Professionals Fund, and has also left a legacy in her will. We caught up with her to ask what this entails and why she's chosen to support our fund.

What made you decide to leave a legacy to Dance Professionals Fund? 

I am sure that readers of this blog will have contributed to dance companies and schools over the years. I would like to put a word in for the teachers and dancers who need help ‘off stage’ for any reason, whether it be injury, illness, retirement, or anything else that life throws at us. A career in dance is generally not very long and the average wage, not high, so saving for a rainy day is often not possible. 

How easy did you find it to leave a legacy in your will? 

Making provision in one’s Will for those who have given us such pleasure could not be easier. It can be done either when the Will is made or later as a Codicil. Either way it need not be prohibitively expensive and dying intestate (dying without a Will) is not a good idea anyway. 

What would you say to someone who is writing their will and thinking about including a charity legacy? 

I would like to stress that it is also tax efficient to make charitable giving a part of your testamentary dispositions. It gives the donor the satisfaction of giving back to those who have enhanced their lives but are experiencing need of some kind. Altogether Win! Win! (For more information on the benefits of charitable giving and inheritance tax visit: 

I hope this offers encouragement to you to consider remembering the Fund in your Will and, if at all hesitant, consult your legal advisor on the benefits of doing so, and having the personal satisfaction that giving back bestows on the living. 

More about Marian

When I was a little girl, just after the War, it was usual to go to ballet and tap classes on a Saturday morning, regardless of talent. Fortunately for me, despite being in the talentless cohort, my love of dance continued long after the lessons had been abandoned. 

At that time touring companies, notably Mona Inglesby’s International Ballet, came to big cinemas such as the one in a nearby town. Initially taken by my mother and later with friends, I was able to see the classics and grew to love them. Later still, I was near enough to London to widen the scope of my theatre going on a regular basis, although classical and neo classical have remained my great love. 

This has never waned. Companies have come and sadly gone but always entertained, stimulated and satisfied me, and even consoled in dark times. Having enjoyed these riches, I firmly believe in giving back to the members of the profession which has meant so much to me for over seventy-five years, so it came quite naturally, when making a Will, to reflect this.

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