How to get a job well done?

Do it with others.

This month, it is exciting for us to be able to launch our new website. What has been one of the most fulfilling aspects of planning this new site has been working with others outside of our own organisation. The list of contributors is long. The marketing and design company, photographer, models, copywriter who all worked with us, the charity.

There was a need for shared ideas to gel, the timeframe to be adhered to, and compromises to be reached if necessary. Everyone involved worked with great focus to get ‘the job done’. There was the expectation that things go well. It was also going to be interesting to see by working together, what would finally emerge.

There was the requirement to create a clear resource for those who work in dance so they can access the support they need. We trust we have succeeded in doing that as we celebrate that the end of the process is here.

To look at how coming together on a major scale can have an impact, there is probably no better example than International Dance Day. This day is celebrated each year on the 29 April, in a few days from now. Created in 1982, by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute, the states of the United Nations, nearly 200 in total, take part promoting dance in their respective countries. A Gala Celebration in one location is held; no doubt requiring considerable organisation to make it happen. At this celebration a guest speaker talks about their personal perspective of dance.

International Dance Day, created to mark dance as an art form, has a focus on the diversity and talent of dancers all over the globe. A key message is dance is universal and in a world where divisions seem rife, this message is an important one. But the day could only happen through this coming together of organisations on an epic scale. For the benefit of dance and its place in the world, let’s all celebrate together.

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