help for dancers and choreographers.

If you are working, or have worked in a UK dance company, or as an independent dance artist, choreographer or choreologist in the UK, or if you have retired from dance, you can request help here.

If you need an emergency grant, please get in touch with us now.

Financial Support

When you have been part of the close community of dance professionals, the world outside the theatre can be a difficult place. Whether this is as a result of unexpected events, temporary problems, or longer term issues, if you are experiencing financial difficulties.

To request an application form, please contact us.

Injury Costs

There are many issues that may arise following injury and the DPF can offer help during the recovery period while you are unable to work. We can help with rehabilitation costs, as well as supporting you during this time if necessary.

To request an application form, please contact us..

Retraining Bursaries

The decision to retrain into a new career or back into the world of dance can be a challenging one. Retraining fees and equipment are provided by another charity specialising in this area. We can provide auxiliary support for additional costs, such as maintenance.

To request an application form, please contact us.