Are you struggling to balance your budgets? As well as accessing grant support, you may wish to look at organisations that can help you with targeted advice. For instance, setting a realistic budget can help you avoid financial difficulties in the future.

Entitledto have a free online benefit calculator.

For information on all state benefits, take a look at Turn2Us for their benefits and grants calculator. You can also access the benefits calculator here.

Money Saving Expert for free advice on finances and money matters.

Money Helper offers free and impartial advice on money matters.

Shelter are a UK charity who offer housing advice and support.

Step Change offers expert tailored advice and practical solutions to problem debt.

MIS Online Calculator

Do you currently earn enough to live on? You can find out here using the MIS online calculator

The Minimum Income Calculator shows how much income is needed to buy the things that members of the public think everyone in the UK should be able to afford. This includes meeting essential needs (food, clothes and shelter) but also what is needed to participate in society. The figures in the calculator are based on detailed ongoing research with the public, defining and describing a minimum standard that nobody should fall below. The calculator can be adjusted to reflect your individual circumstances.

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